Imberhorne Canteen

The Imberhorne Canteen is run in-house by our dedicated catering staff - this ensures that we are able to offer quality food at the very best value.

The canteen is open:

  • before school from 8.15am until 8.35am for breakfast
  • at break time for hot and cold snacks
  • at lunch time for hot meals, snacks, salads, and baguettes/sandwiches.

We operate a Cashless Catering system in our canteens - parents add credit to their child's Cashless Catering account online via ParentPay and students use their school ID card to access these funds in the canteen.

Hot Meals at Lunchtime

To improve the availability of hot food, and to reduce wastage we run a pre-ordering system for lunch time hot food – the main hot meal of the day and for our jacket potatoes. Pre-ordering is only required for the lunch time hot food – baguettes, sandwiches, snacks, salads, cakes, drinks and such like are available on a turn-up-and-buy basis, as is all food at break. 

If students would like to have hot food at lunch time it will need to be pre-ordered using the Fusion Online pre-order app or website which can be found at In order to register for Fusion Online, students will require a unique “onboarding code”. Should you be unable to locate your onboarding code please contact our IT Support team via itsupport [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk

Our daily and termly changing menus may be found below - the same selection is available at both Windmill Lane and Imberhorne Lane.

My child has lost or damaged their ID/Cashless Catering Card!

Replacement ID Cards may be requested by e-mailing out IT Support Team via itsupport [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk

We make a £2.00 charge to cover the cost of the replacement card which will be added to ParentPay, unless the card has stopped working through no fault of the student.

Is there a limit to how much my child can spend?

We set a default "Daily Spend Limit" of £6.00 for Key Stage 3 and 4 Students (Years 7-11) and £11.00 for Sixth Form Students (Years 12 & 13) - this means that no more than this amount can be spent each day.

If you would like to alter this (either upwards or downwards) please contact our Finance Department at finance [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk

Does my child qualify for Free School Meals?

We encourage the take up of Free School Meals by working proactively with our parents and carers. If, through your financial circumstances, you feel your son/daughter may be entitled to free school meals, please either click here to complete the online form or complete the paper application form and submit it to West Sussex County Council. The criteria for eligibility are included below. If you require any assistance with printing, completing or submiting the application form, please contact Mrs S Evans sevans [at] imberhorne [dot] co [dot] uk or via our switchboard on 01342 323562.

Students who qualify for Free School Meals receive a daily allowance of £2.60 which is automatically added to their Cashless Catering account each morning. Any purchases are deducted from this allowance first, with any spend above £2.60 being taken off any paid credit on their Cashless Catering account. The allowance doesn't rollover - any unspent allowance is cleared at the end of each day. The Free School Meal allowance can be spent on any canteen purchases at either break or lunch time,

If a student is entitled to free school meals and lives within 2 miles of the school, they may be eligible for free school transport. Parents/Carers should complete the West Sussex County Council form found by following this link

Menus And Charges